Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: On the stairs going up to my flat in Cheltenham

So I found Porcia at the bottom of the stairs, I live in a building with 3 other flats in it so at first I thought she must belong to someone else. After a few days she was looking very sad and lonely so I read the message around her neck to try and find out who she belongs to; that’s when I found out she was on an adventure of her very own.

Since then we’ve been out having lots of fun together, she’s even been to work with me! I’ve uploaded some photos, hope you like them.

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  • admin:

    Thank you so much, we thought Porcia had gone missing! Please continue to have fun with her, and then pass her on to someone you know, or leave her somewhere else with the her story and tag. We look forward to hearing from you and Porcia again.

    All our love Tolly and the team xx

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