Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Derwood, MD

A funny thing happened while we were walking our dog, Rex, this evening. Rex is a greyhound and made a career of chasing a mechanical rabbit around a track, and now that he has retired, he has taken up a second career as a professional couch potato and not much gets him riled up these days. On this particular walk though, something caught Rex’s eye and his ears perked straight up. We soon noticed he was looking at a teddy bear leaning against the curb on our quiet street. This is how we were lucky enough to be introduced to Lucy Cavendish. We had a little chat and it turns out after leaving her previous guests, she made her way out onto the local highway, Interstate 270, in the hopes of catching a ride. She was shocked to see that not a single car was traveling slower than 75 miles per hour (or about 120kph as Lucy put it) and no one slowed down even a bit to see if they could lend a hand to a bear in need. So she decided to seek out a quieter neighborhood and as chance would have it, she wound up on our street. Rex was extremely enthusiastic about meeting Lucy – you might even say he was a little TOO enthusiastic. Lucy looked a lot like some of Rex’s friends – many of which are missing limbs now – so we thought it would be best if Rex and Lucy kept their friendship a long distance matter. Not that Rex is a mean guy, he is actually very friendly – but as I said, when you spend half your life chasing a fake furry rabbit, the opportunity to finally catch something that looks a lot like it is just too tempting to pass up! You can’t blame him, really.

Lucy’s timing was great because we were about to head out on a journey ourselves, and she was more than welcome to come along. Lucy hesitated for a moment and asked somewhat quietly… “will Rex be joining us on this adventure?” When we told her he was going to stay with friends here in Maryland while we are gone, she feigned disappointment, but I could tell she was really quite relieved.

When we brought Lucy inside she immediately commented on our collection of international soccer scarves hanging in the living room. Her face lit up when she saw an open spot on the wall and told us she had the perfect gift for us in exchange for taking care of her and inviting her on our journey. Much to our delight, she pulled out a beautiful red and white Cheltenham Town FC scarf for us to add to our collection! I’m not really sure how it fit in that tiny suitcase… but nevertheless, it was awesome!

As we finished packing our things, and Lucy got comfortable on the couch watching some New York Yankees highlights on ESPN, she said to us “what is the deal with baseball? I don’t get it”. I told her she was in luck, because the first stop on our journey was to a city where the best baseball player in the world plays. The best way to truly appreciate baseball is to go to a park on a nice summer night, get a delicious hot dog and a frosty, cold, Budwei… I mean, Pepsi. Lucy wasn’t too thrilled about the prospect of having to sit through a 9 inning baseball game, but I assured her she would be pleasantly surprised.

As we got ready for bed, Lucy went into our spare bedroom and stared at the maps on the wall. I could tell she was having one of those moments where you just sit and wonder, what’s in store for me? Where will life take me next?

Just before bed, Lucy asked us where we were heading tomorrow and I told her we were going to St. Louis, Missouri. I showed her on the map where it was and she seemed excited to go – possibly the first time in recorded history that any man, woman, child, or bear, was genuinely excited to go to St. Louis!

3 Responses to “Another Adventure Awaits…”

  • Saskia:

    I’m really excited to see what Lucy gets upto next!!

    • Saskia & Iris & Ivo:

      Hi Saskia!
      Lucy is with another Saskia right now! And with Iris and Ivo, Saskia’s sister and brother. We live in Denver, Colorado and we plan to take Lucy to an amusement park this weekend. We’re sure she’ll find it very exciting!
      Saskia, Iris and Ivo

  • Jenn and Mike:

    Sorry for the delay in posting on Ms Lucy but our cross-country road trip took us through areas of the United States that have very limited access to the internet for travelers…but four new posts are coming soon – PROMISE! Sorry Tolly, but Lucy has been well taken care of, seen lots of wonderful sites, and is on her way to a new adventure.

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