Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Derwood, MD

The next morning Lucy and her friends began the last long leg of their journey to reach Yellowstone National Park. On their way through Nebraska they stopped in Alliance, home of Carhenge, a replica of the famous Stonehenge made entirely out of cars all painted gray. Since Lucy knew Stonehenge she found Carhenge hysterical and thoroughly enjoyed climbing all over the old cars, out climbing her friends by leaps and bounds.

After a few pictures the trio moved on along Route 26, a modern highway that sits along the same famous covered wagon route that early American settlers took to reach the Pacific Ocean and settle the rugged West. The route was called the Oregon Trail and along the way, Lucy passed some of Oregon Trails’ most well known landmarks including Chimney Rock and Scotts Bluff. Chimney Rock is a long, spindly finger of red rock standing tall and straight alone in the middle of the Nebraska landscape, making it an easily recognizable landmark visible for miles. This is why early settlers considered it such an important landmark. Scotts Bluff on the other hand was more of collection of large rocky outcrops that also dominated the surrounding the landscape. Lucy found both of them beautiful as the car drove by and into the state of Wyoming.

“The sky is so big here! And are those wild horses?” Lucy exclaimed, climbing up the back seat to get a better look out the window.

“Yep,” her companions laughed. “Welcome to the wide open land of Wyoming.”

Lucy just sat and stared, transfixed by the wide open prairie and large mesas, hills and random, sparse tree lines that dotted the landscape reaching to the horizon. As the hours passed the land slowly became more mountainous as Lucy and her friends reached the enormous Rocky Mountains, which contained their destination. But the little bear was so sleepy and as hard as she tried she eventually dozed off in a warm patch of sun in the backseat.

“Lucy, we’ve reached Yellowstone!”

“Huh?” Lucy blinked her sleepy eyes opened and was amazed by the dense forest land that now surrounded the car. Huge mountains, dark green pine trees, softly blowing golden marsh grasses, and crystal clear rivers were everywhere she looked. “Wow,” she breathed and hopped out of the car to take a closer look.

“Lucy, silly, come down from there,” her friends called, as Lucy had climbed up the nearest tree to get a better look. “We need to check into our cabin”

“Aww can I stay up here just a little longer?” Lucy begged.

“We have three days to explore the park,” her friends smiled. “Trust us, you’ll have plenty of time to play in the park.

“Ok,” and Lucy made her way back down out of the tree.

As she waited for her friends to check in and get their cabin assignment, Lucy began wandering around the forest land that the ranch they were staying at encompassed. But the trees were so tall and thick she soon got herself lost. Suddenly she saw a woman on a horse ride by.

“Excuse me, but I think I’m lost,” Lucy called out.

Turning her horse around, the woman quickly rode back to Lucy. “Can I help you?”

“I seem to have wandered off and gotten myself turned around,” Lucy reluctantly admitted. “Can you help me find my friends.”

“Of course,” the lady smiled down and lifted Lucy up on to her horse with her. “I’m a park ranger here at Yellowstone,” the lady explained. “Don’t worry, we’ll find your friends.”

After a short ride back to the ranch’s main cabin, Lucy was reunited with her friends and the trio crawled into their beds excited for the park the next day.

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