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Lucy loved the Bison Chili so much at the National Museum of the American Indian that she asked if she could go back and get seconds. The museum itself is quite beautiful from the outside. It’s made of a golden-colored limestone and is curved and rounded evoking natural rock formations carved by wind and water over thousands of years. As luck would have it, the Living Earth Festival was going on during her second visit.

There were many hands-on activities. Lucy learned to make a bowl from dried straw and pinch pot out of clay. For lunch she had to have the Bison Chili from the Great Plains again. She also tried a white corn dumpling with a berry sauce from the Northern Woodlands.

Afterwards she watched many beautiful dancers share some of their dancing heritage with those gathered. Lucy even made a very special friend, who was four years old, who taught her how to dance the woman’s Fancy Shawl Dance. Lucy was very excited as the dancers wore such colorful regalia and moved with such grace. And all the dance steps are individually choreographed so everyone stands out with their creativity.

Lucy learned that Women’s Fancy Shawl Dance is a very fast paced dance filled with intricate individual footwork, many spins and turns, and follows the beats of the drum. The shawl is outspread to represent the wings of a butterfly either in flight or emerging from a cocoon. Lucy can’t wait to practice her footwork along her journey.

3 Responses to “Lucy Gets Her Dance On”

  • Tolly:

    Hi, It’s great to see that you are having so much fun with Lucy! And that four year old girl was so sweet in her dance outfit! Thank you once again!

  • Jenney:

    I REALLY like the new photo format… It works very well and saves a lot of space on each page. The webpage is looking great Tolly! Fantastic job!

  • Saskia:

    I agree the new photo format is great! Lucy looks like she is having such a great time too!

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