Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Cheltenham cont….

As Lucy’s stay with us continues she began to pine for a taste of home. Luckily, we had just the solution…a football (soccer) match. So, Lucy accompanied us and some friends to a match between Manchester City and Inter Milan in Baltimore, Maryland. Man City got robbed by the ref, but Lucy took it all in stride. She knows that everyone is just jealous of the Citizens and since it was only a friendly it can’t be taken too seriously. And as you can see, even Emmanuel Adebayor stopped to wave to Lucy and see to it that she was enjoying herself. Next stop…Washington, DC.

Lucy's Favourite Team - City!
Lucy’s Favourite Team – City!

Lucy's Own Seat Ready for the Match
Lucy’s Own Seat Ready for the Match

Give us a Wave Ady
Give us a Wave Ady

Go City Cries Lucy
Go City Cries Lucy

Now Where's The Hot Dogs?
Now Where’s The Hot Dogs?

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