Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Rockville, MD, USA

One day Lucy called all of her hosts to come down stairs, she obviously had something very important to tell them. After two and a half weeks of Adventuring in and around Washington DC, Lucy felt it was time to continue on her way. There were many tears, mostly from 3-year-old Aidan, who loved his time adventuring with Lucy. Lucy soothed his tears telling him that she had made lots of friends during her time in Washington DC and that she had never lacked for a good cuddle.

Lucy reminded Aidan of how much fun he had when he adventured to Mexico for his second birthday, and that she too wanted to continue exploring the world. Aidan nodded, but he was still very sad to see Lucy leave. Aidan promised to check out Lucy’s new adventures on her website blog to see what she was up to. Lucy whispered that she was thinking of heading west.

Aidan gave Lucy one final kiss before she went up to her room to pack. It took her a while to pack her suitcase as she had acquired many souvenirs on her journey so far.

Good bye Washington DC… Hello Adventure!

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  • Saskia:

    I’ve really enjoyed seeing Lucy’s amazing adventures! I hope her next carers will look after her just as well :-)

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