Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Westminster, Colorado

Lucy woke up one beautiful morning and said to her caretakers “I have seen the Rocky Mountains in the distance on the drive from Wyoming. Is there a road we can drive on that can take us even closer to the mountains?”
Her caretakers said “Sure! But you should have the true Colorado mountain experience, which is not in a car.”
An hour later, Lucy and her travel companions arrived in St. Vrain State Park near Lyons, Colorado. Lucy said “Lyons, bear, oh my – the tiger is missing!” which made her companions laugh. Lucy then noticed a tall rocky peak. “What a beautiful spire!” Lucy exclaimed.
“That’s called Spire Rock,” said her companions. “And it will be even more beautiful from the top!”
“But, I don’t see a trail…” Lucy said, confused.
“That’s because we are going to CLIMB it!”
Lucy could hardly believe her ears. Rock climbing was one of the adventures she had hoped to experience in Colorado!
To reach Spire Rock, they had to cross St. Vrain Creek, and Lucy was thankful that bears are good swimmers, because the creek was deep in spots! Once they all got across safely, she took a rest on some rocks to dry off in the sun. After a short hike through the woods, they finally made it to the bottom of Spire Rock, where Lucy sat patiently and watched her companions get into their climbing gear. Lucy was impressed at how easily they formed loops and knots with their ropes, and how they knew exactly where to attach their clips they called carabiners, but she started to become nervous and worried that her paws would not be able to make secure knots. Her fear soon disappeared as her companions said “Don’t worry Lucy – we’re here for you!” while they expertly helped her into her climbing gear.
Lucy’s companions held her rope as she started up the side of the rock. At first, she felt awkward and nervous, but she soon got the hang of it – literally! “Look, no paws! Which means ‘no hands’ to you!” she called down to her climbing companions, who cheered her bravery. She took a moment to enjoy the panoramic view of the evergreen trees and rocky cliffs that surrounded her, with the majestic mountains in the distance. It was very quiet and calm, and Lucy thought it was one of the most peaceful experiences she’d ever had. But it only made her more excited to make it to the top, and after a short time of more climbing, she was there! She couldn’t believe it – they were so high up! The highway they drove on to get there looked like a squiggle among the trees, and their car looked like a tiny beetle! Lucy exclaimed “Colorado is amazing! And I love rock climbing! Can we do it again tomorrow?”

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