Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Found : adrfit at sea on a piece of timber flotsam

Whilst on patrol in my boat in the Solent,I found this teddy on a piece of floating timber. He was very cold and wet. So I wrapped him up and he told me that his name was Guiseppe Armando. He could remember little of how he came to be lost at sea, but he was sure he was on a voyage to somewhere…but knew not where.So I took him home with me for the night. He devoured a large steaming mug of cocoa along with two huge home made muffins. Whereupon, he yawned and said ” I am really very sleepy now”. So I lined and box with a soft towel and tucked him in for the night. In the morning ….. he had gone. How he left or to where, I cannot tell. Davie Flannagan, Harbour Master,
Newtown National Nature Reserve.

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