Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Found in Rondevlei, Garden Route, South Africa. Left in Cape Town

Relaxing on the verandah, I gazed dreamily at the sunset over the lake. A sudden shriek tore apart the peace, followed by snarling, spitting and screeching. I ran to the bushes below the house – a lynx was crouched in the grass,a teddy-bear clamped in his jaws. My cat Kelsey was leaping up and down, slashing her paws at the predator’s face. A claw caught his nose and with a grunt he dropped the bear and slunk away.
Kelsey uttered a “rowrrl” of triumph as I picked up the quivering bear. “Mamma mia,” he groaned. Once safely at the house I inspected the furry little body, but found no wounds. After a dose of Rescue Remedy the bear was calmer. “My name is Giuseppe Armondo,” he explained, “and I am on a tour of the world.”
Kelsey and I exchanged cynical glances – what crazy bravado, a small bear travelling all alone!
Giusepppe went on, “I came to South Africa to see the wild animals, but I didn’t expect it to be so close up. I was just going for a little hike.”
“This is Rondevlei,” I said, “part of the Wilderness National Park. There are many animals here – deer, monkeys, porcupines, and up there -” I pointed at the hills – “baboons and even some leopards. It was bad luck that you met up with the great nocturnal hunter, the lynx.”
The bear shivered. “I thank your brave cat for saving my life.”
Kelsey modestly licked a paw.
Then Giuseppe murmered, “My neck hurts – that giant cat shook me very hard.”
“How do your arms feel?” I asked.
“There is pain in my shoulders and my paws are going numb.”
“Well, Giuseppe,” I said, “you’ve come to the right place. This is the Body Stress Release Academy, where we train students how to release the tension that becomes locked into people’s bodies.”
I carried him to the technique room an showed him a nerve chart. “Compression here, in your lower neck, affects the nerve supply down your arms and into your paws. Lie down on the couch so I can do some pressure tests, and find the exact sites of body stress.”
After I did several gentle prods on the bear’s neck, he sat up and smiled, moving his neck freely.
Giuseppe stayed at the Academy for two days, sleeping on the couch with Kelsey. Yesterday I put him on the bus to Cape Town. As I waved goodbye, he called out, “I’m going to climb Table Mountain, I’m going to swim with sharks, and I’m going to meet Nelson Mandela!”
I just nodded and smiled, for who am I to stamp on the dreams of a courageous but delusional teddy-bear?

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