Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Bologna, Italy

I met Diomendes in Bologna were I was studying. A friend of mine gave him to me and asked me to take care of him and to take him to my country were the sun shines all year round (at least ultimately!). So we went on holiday in the Azores Islands were the green and blue are together. There we had a good time, we saw some whales and dolphins and ate good fish. After that, we returned to Lisbon where I live and I showed him my city (there a photo with an old Lisbon’s church, try to find him!). Diomendes is very glutton and was always eating! There’s a photo proving that! =)
It was a pleasure to spend some time with Diomendes! Now he’s with a friend of mine that went in Erasmus to Poland.
I hope to ear from him soon! =D


2 Responses to “Diomendes – Sea & Sun”

  • admin:

    Thank you so much for providing us with your tales of Diomedes. It is so good to hear your news as we had thought that our tiny bear had passed away. Thank you for taking care of him. We look forward to hearing of the next news.

  • Tolly:

    How is Diomedes? Has he made it safely to Poland yet?

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