Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Giffords Circus Tour 2010

Hi, this is Fratellini writing.
In summer 2010 I went to see the show “Yasmine – a musical” from Giffords Circus in England. I liked the show. So I stayed with one of the artist.
I become friend with Brian the Goose and with the horses. I favorite place was on top of the huge ball from the chinese acrobat.

I than travelled to somewhere. I don’t know where because, I was in a suitcase than I was stored in a box. That was boring

Today I finally decided to climb out of the suitcase. Watch the picture. There I stayed for a long time… almost two years.

So I am happy to write something now. Watch me writing on the computer…

I will go out today and than I will write you where I am. When I find out…


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  • Tolly:

    It just goes to show that if you have patience things you wish for will come to you. We thought Fratellini was lost for ever and yet all the time he was safe in your keeping. Thank you so much.

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