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Guiseppe Armando

Bruce Bramble leaves home tomorrow to start his new life at Cheltenham College Junior School. Tolly Dolly Posh (the brains behind this website) is applying for an academic scholarship there and will be taking Bruce Bramble with her with the intention of handing him over to the Headmaster during her interview.

Good luck Bruce Bramble, and Tolly Dolly Posh.

Professor Basket was last seen walking through the corridors of St Edwards School, Cheltenham. Apparently the school is short of academic expertise in the area of applied mathematics so Professor Basket will certainly be a help as he studied this at Cambridge University (so he told us).

We wait with sheer anticipation to see how he applies his knowledge, expertise and charisma at this school.

It’s great news for the community of bear followers. Professor Basket is preparing to travel the globe on his quest to raise money for the charity CLIC Sargent! Watch out for more tales of this well educated and erudite bear.

Sniffles is back on the trail of some interesting adventures. Watch ou for this cuddliest of all bears. He may be just around the corner from you o if you keeop your eyes open and your ears clean you might be able to track him down. If you do then remember to let us know what he’ been upto.

Have you seen Edward Bramble? He’s missing and we don’t know where he’s been recently. If you do know where he is please let us know as soon as possible.

Many thanks. The Bear Care team.

Gingerbread has left home and is on her way to find a delicious cake shop. She is desperately missing her cooking lessons with Mr Potter and the making of new recipes. So keep your eyes peeled for her in town. You just might spot a ginger coloured bear somewhere nearby.

We hav heard that Fin McGuiness is on his way back to school. We’re not sure whether this is to learn, to teach or make new friends. Perhaps it will be all three? Anyway we are waiting for more news and look forward to hearing exactly where Fin gets to.

It is with much regret that we wish to inform the Going on a Bear Hunt community that Theodore has been lost to the world.

Theodore was the first bear to leave us and sadly we have heard nothing if him since. We will be arranging a press conference shortly to appeal to the good people of Cheltenham for any news of where he might be.

Bear Master.

Rembrandt was last seen wandering the streets of Gloucester looking for the great Cathedral. He’s learnt that there is an international exhibition of sculpture on show and hopes it might lead to a connection with someone that could help him in hist trip to Amsterdam. The exhibition is called Crucible and is one of the largest and most important exhibitions of contemporary sculpture to take place in Britain during the past decade.
We all wish Rembrandt good luck with his attempt to get to the Netherlands.

If you happen to find Rembrandt then please be part of his remarkable story, take good care of him and remember to report back your experiences with each other.

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