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Michigan Braxton is in transit to the Royal Shakespeare  Company and we wait for news of his safe arrival.

Alfonso went missing in Croome Park in Worcestershire, a National Trust site. Has anyone found him?

Guiseppe Armando has left the safety and security of Tolly Dolly Posh’s home and is on his way to an adventure on the high seas. Where will he start his journey?

Theodore II is on a mission to travel the world meeting the top downhill mountain bike riders across the globe. Next time you see someone on a mountain bike stop and ask them if they have seen Theodore II.

Carrie Oakey is a special bear destined for France for her vacation and then a return to England to the famous children’s nursery, Little Angels Day Nursery in Newtown, Stonehouse in Gloucestershire. We look forward to hearing about her adventures.

Bon Voyage!

Lucy is out and about in Cheltenham last seen strolling along the prom.

Porcia Mia Alise has finally decided to move on and she said farewell to Tolly Dolly Posh today. There were lots of tears and hugs bit it’s time for Porcia to find a new home and to explore the world. If you find her please take care of her and tell us how she’s doing.

It’s Sunday 25th July and Alfonso has tired of the German Formula 1 GP and has decided to leave home. He just walked out! Didn’t even say good buy. Have you seen him. If so please tell us how he is.

Sadly there is no news of Theodore who was released at the weekend. He was released in Pittville Park, the Town end, and placed on a fence surrounding a tree, he was found within an hour, but sadly may have been taken away-have you seen him?
If you see him, give him a big huge and let us know-Tolly Dolly Posh is quite sad!


Scout Actualade left home today. If you find him please let us know where and how he is. We hope it will not be long before he finds a place to stay for a while. We wonder who might find him?

Scout Acualade

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