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Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Queens Hotel Cheltenham

When Lucy went on walk-about she stopped for a rest at the fabulous Queen’s Hotel in Cheltenham where she was found in the bushes by some of the staff and invited inside for a rest and refreshments. She decided to sit and watch the comings and goings of the many guests in an effort to find someone that might take her on an adventure.

After a short while Lucy spotted a group of Americans there on business and decided to latch on with them. Lucy was taken all about Cheltenham and the surrounding Cotswalds and enjoyed a fabulous dinner at The Plough Pub which was built in 1657. Not a big deal in Cheltenham but it seemed pretty cool to the Yanks. Then, Lucy decided to go home with one of them and is now visiting him and his family in the state of Maryland in the USA and as we speak is looking forward to attending the Manchester City – Inter Milan soccer (football) match in Baltimore tonight. Lucy expects to visit Washington, DC soon and then will find a new friend to travel with, perhaps to the far east if it can be arranged. Lucy is after all quite the adventurer and you never know where she’ll wind up.

Royal Treat at the Queens Hotel
Royal Treat at the Queens Hotel

Time for A Little Relaxation
Time for A Little Relaxation

Refreshing Cider?
Refreshing Cider?

Time For a Rest Again.
Time For a Rest Again.

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: cheltenham

here are some of the pics of Bluebird whoppitt

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: cheltenham

Bluebird Whoppit enjoyed his time down the allottment and hanging out with Kitkat and ginge ….watching the world cup and helping me to celebrate my birthday with some cakes x

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: cheltenham

We took Whoppit home to explore his new surroundings…

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: found in Cheltenham

When we found Bluebird Whoppit we introduced him to some of our family, and then he came home for tea….

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Festival of History at Kelmarsh

Scout was found wandering alone among some rather suspicious characters and was involved in a rather unfortunate argument between a well known Saint and his arch enemy. Fortunatley Scout was rescued by a young lady and taken to a safer place.

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: RAF Fairford

Here are a couple of pics of Gatti’s visit to the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford. We will send you more soon :-)

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: found in montipeller

somes pics of last weekend x

Where Did You Find Bear?: Montipellar street Cheltenham 5.30pm sunday

Hi there, my name is Leanne. Myself and my partner Max were walking home from the Montipellar Fiesta and we found Bluebird Whoppit….

We were so excited to be able to pick him up and give him a big cuddle……he fitted in my basket and came on a bike ride back home with us….later on we introduced him to some of out family, our aunt, uncle and cousins before going home so he could explore his new surroundings before tucking him in for a well earned rest ……

Today he has been very busy indeed…he started off the morning with a bit of yoga and then a jam session on the bongos, guitar and saxophone…. then he met Kitcat and Ginge out family cats…they were very happy to meet him indeed….they were a bit scared at first to meet a real bear…but they soon all became friends…

The sun was shining and he was a little warm so he had a long cool drink of lemonade and relaxed in the garden around the pond feeding the fish and a bite to eat before coming along to my allottment and helping me to dig up some potatos, beans, salad and peas for tea…..

This afternoon we spent some time chilling out together before tea and he is now enjoying the football………..

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