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Poor Bluebird, left in the Lake District over 12 weeks ago and not a word from him. Where are you Bluebird?

It’s been almost 16 weeks since Bear Gustav left home and we haven’t seen or heard from him. He’s become yet another casualty of the big wide world. Is someone kidnapping my bears?

Sad news, Alfonso is now permanently missing in action. We left him at the National Trust site, Croome Park. Despite several phone calls to the Trust it appears that one of the members of staff in her mature years (my polite way of saying she is an old biddy) has stored Alfonso away some where.

So Alfonso is officially a casualty and has been lost.

We are so sad..


It’s Tolly Dolly Posh here! I just liked to say that, we are very happy with what we have achieved! Unfortunately, we have lost 2 bears, but we are still rolling on!

If you would like to follow us even more, just go onto… and search Going On A Bear Hunt. We would love you to follow us!

Go on, Go On A Bear Hunt!

Love Tolly Dolly Posh xx

We heard some sad news today. Bluebird Whoppit has  disappeared. He was taken to the Lake District and was left with a family at  a Buddhist festival at the end of July. Nothing has been heard of him since.

RIP Bluebird.

Miguel has packed his travel bag along with essential supplies for the long trek to Mallorca. Tonight he hopes to met the Drifters who are playing at the Town Hall in Cheltenham. With any luck Miguel will get to meet one of the group and they just might be able to help him on his way. We’ll see.

Good luck Miguel.

Here’s some rare film footage of Bear Gustav playing the piano.

Gustav plays piano

Cupcake packed her bags last night and organised her week ahead. She is heading for the south coast and is one her way to the Isle of Wight. Good luck Cupcake, we hope you have an amazing time.

Rembrandt was indeed seen strolling the streets of Gloucester and was soon to be found in the beautiful cathedral itself. He was very impressed with the amazing scale of this historic building which must have taken decades to build. As he quietly walked through the aisles and cloisters he received some peculiar looks as people passed him by. What was it he thought? Had he not brushed his hair? Was there something wrong with him in some way? He really couldn’t work out why so many people found it so odd to see a bear in a cathedral.

Ignoring the onlookers Rembrandt continued his exploration of the cathedral. What interested him most of all were the collection of nearly 80 sculptures of all shapes and sizes that were presented in and around the cathedral. Some names he recognised such ad Damien Hurst and Lynn Chadwick as well as Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. But there were many he didn’t know of. He soon came to realise though that these were modern artists displaying work and there was not to be any signs of his namesake’s work from the 1700’s.

So Rembrandt continued to explore the amazing collection and was last seen taking a rest next to a sculpture by Ralph Brown called ‘Clochard’. After that we’re not sure what happened to Rembrandt.

Rembrandt Takes A Break

Rembrandt Takes A Break

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