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Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Lisbon, Poertugal

A friend of mine gave me Diomedes in Lisbon and I took him to Poland, where I’m studying. We had a really good time. In Gdansk, the most beautiful city in Poland, we saw the stunning view in the highest site of the city. We visited monuments and even watch the Euro 2012 matches! Now I’ll give Diomedes to a friend that will take him to Japan. He is almost in New Zealand!

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Bologna, Italy

I met Diomendes in Bologna were I was studying. A friend of mine gave him to me and asked me to take care of him and to take him to my country were the sun shines all year round (at least ultimately!). So we went on holiday in the Azores Islands were the green and blue are together. There we had a good time, we saw some whales and dolphins and ate good fish. After that, we returned to Lisbon where I live and I showed him my city (there a photo with an old Lisbon’s church, try to find him!). Diomendes is very glutton and was always eating! There’s a photo proving that! =)
It was a pleasure to spend some time with Diomendes! Now he’s with a friend of mine that went in Erasmus to Poland.
I hope to ear from him soon! =D


Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: In Montpellier (France)

I met Diomedes in Montpellier, a beautiful french town in the south, where I used to study for two years. A friend of mine just came back from her internship in Oxford (UK) and gave it to me as I was leaving to Bologna (Italy), for an exchange year called erasmus. I accepted to take care of him and show him around… He stayed with me 9 long months, on my desk, and I got him a little tour the last days. The photos are supposed to represent the touristic places of Bologna: Le Due Torri, the fountain of Nettuno (Poseidon), the italian motorcycle Vespa, the gardens Margherita…
I hope he enjoyed the Italian life. I will let him go with a friend of mine for the next destination… PORTUGAL!!






Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Found in the Morse Bar at the Randolph Hotel

A very nice young bartender found Diomedes sitting all alone in the Morse Bar at the Randolph Hotel in Oxford. Thinking a little girl must be missing her teddy, he put Diomedes aside and waited until the end of the night to open his little note. After hearing his story, the young bartender knew just how to help Diomedes on his journey. He brought him home to stay with his fiancee, and introduced him to his housemates from all over the world (Canada, France, Lithuania, Poland, Ireland, and even Robin Hood’s Nottingham!). They all loved Diomedes and wanted to take him with them on their journey home, but the young bartender soon decided that Diomedes would reach New Zealand quicker if he went to….France!! Diomedes will be flying early this week to the South of France where the young bartender and his fiancee wish him all the best while he explores the beautiful beaches of Montpellier…

Finally Diomedes had the courage to leave home and begin his escapades. He thinks he an make it to a small village in New Zealand called Te Wairoa. It’s an excavated village which offers a first hand insight into the chaos and mayhem that transpired on the night Mount Tarawera erupted. It is an authentic appreciation of the people of Te Wairoa, both Maori and European, on how they lived… and died.

Diomedes thinks it would be a great place to visit. Can you help him get there. Be part of his journey!

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