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Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Woburn, England


This is Edward Bramble bear. Sorry that you not heard about me for a while, but i was so busy. I was spending a few months with Eva and Tamas. They got married in August, i went with them to Hungary for the wedding. We went by car, so we travelled a lot from England to Hungary, and we also stoppeg in Cologne(Germany). I had a lovely time. We went after for a pre-honeymoon to Eger (Hungary). Eger is best known for its castle and historic buildings. After that we went to Mexico for the Honeymoon. That was fantastic. We went to see the Chichen Itza mayan pyramids, we been swimming with the dolphins as well. And now we are back to England! So i’m having a great time with them and cant wait where we going next.



Have you seen Edward Bramble? He’s missing and we don’t know where he’s been recently. If you do know where he is please let us know as soon as possible.

Many thanks. The Bear Care team.

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