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Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Brought to school by Tolly

Professor Basket, a.k.a. ‘The Professor’ arrived at St Edward’s in the depths of mid-winter. He was obviously still in some sort of sleepy, hibernation trance and took a while to fully wake up and stretch his legs. Ten Tors was the challenge and he began his training moving around the Headmaster’s Study in a purposeful and yet rather sporadic way. Eventually he graduated to camping in Gloucester and then was finally rewarded with a weekend in Dartmoor in May 2011. He led the school’s 45 mile team around the moor in an exemplary, yet somewhat professor-like manner, helping with directions whenever required. Sunday saw him cross the fininsh line tired, a little grubby – and yet very proud of himself. A quieter life beckons as he now moves to another careful custodian.

Professor Basket was last seen walking through the corridors of St Edwards School, Cheltenham. Apparently the school is short of academic expertise in the area of applied mathematics so Professor Basket will certainly be a help as he studied this at Cambridge University (so he told us).

We wait with sheer anticipation to see how he applies his knowledge, expertise and charisma at this school.

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It’s great news for the community of bear followers. Professor Basket is preparing to travel the globe on his quest to raise money for the charity CLIC Sargent! Watch out for more tales of this well educated and erudite bear.

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