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Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Explore Haxby Library Learning Centre

Scout Aculade arrived at the library just as our teddy bear’s picnic was ending. He was very upset as most of the other bears had to go home, but some of them decided to stay and keep him company. The staff at the library made some more sandwiches and Scout Aculade had a small picnic of his own with his new friends.

After the picnic all the bears read a story together. Now Scout Aculade is waiting to go on his next adventure.




Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Haxby Library, near York.

We found S.A Bear in the library, whilst he was relaxing with a good book. He decided he would like to come home with two brothers who he met there called Toby and Aidan. He played train with them and helped in their vegetable garden. He enjoyed doing some chalk drawings and then met a new friend called Paddington. After a lot of fun he continued his adventures with Aidan and Toby, going on holiday with them to the Isle of Wight. When it was time for Aidan and Toby to go home Scout decided to stay on down south. Enjoy your adventures Scout!

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Festival of History at Kelmarsh

Scout was found wandering alone among some rather suspicious characters and was involved in a rather unfortunate argument between a well known Saint and his arch enemy. Fortunatley Scout was rescued by a young lady and taken to a safer place.

Scout Actualade left home today. If you find him please let us know where and how he is. We hope it will not be long before he finds a place to stay for a while. We wonder who might find him?

Scout Acualade

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