My name is Alfonzo, I am quite a travelled bear already as I have lived in London since my birth and am named after a unique teddy born in 1908, many years ago.

At that time, the Grand Duke of Russia had a special bear made for his daughter, Princess Xenia Geogievna. The bear was fondly named ‘Alfonzo’ and she took him with her to England in 1914 where they were the guests of the Russian Princess’s Royal relatives at Buckingham Palace, the home of the Queen today. They stayed at the Royal Palace for some time whilst the outbreak of World War I prevented both the Princess and the Bear from returning home, an event that saved Princess Xenia from certain death in the Russian Revolution  at her home.. ‘Alfonzo’ became a treasured possession as he was the only gift she had brought from her homeland, given to her by the father she adored.

Just like Alfonzo I have also visited Buckingham Palace and seen the Queens Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. I belonged to a sweet girl called Poppy McKinley of South Kensington, who took me to many special places. During my stay with Poppy, I travelled everywhere with her, even on British Airways to Istanbul to visit The Blue Mosque. I loved this journey and had my own seat and seat fastener, the air hostess gave me a drink and a cuddle on the way!

When Poppy grew older than 12 she gave me to a car boot sale in Kensington, where I lay in a small wicker basker until  I was spotted by Tolly Dolly Posh, who bought me with her weekly pocket money.

I am now itching to travel again, so if you find me, please give me a hug, look after me for a while then send me off again

I hope you will take me somewhere really exciting and photograph me and then give me to someone else so my journey can continue.

Please tell others about my time with you by completing this form. Remember to upload an image or two of me.

Love Alfonzo xxxx



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