My name is Arabella Cinderella and I have lived with a family in a tiny cottage in the village of Eastcombe near Stroud in Gloucestershire, since being bought from a teddy bear shop in 2003.

My owner was a little girl called Beth, she was just two when I was given to her as a birthday surprise. Beth used to have me tied to her pushchair so wherever she and her mummy went I went too. Beth’s mummy loved animals and had no less than 24 bunny rabbits, 3 cats and a beautiful bird called Carrie.

One of my most favourite adventures was to sit in the car alongside Beth and travel down to Bristol Zoo. I  was always so excited and when we arrived, we would head for the Bats…Beth’s favourite! The bats were always flying free and would often fly and sit on me as I was pushed around with Beth. Beth would shriek half scared and half in awe of these creatures that would swoop and fly so near to everyone that it seemed they would land in a person’s hair! Me being a Bear and so incrediably brave I really didn’t move a limb as the bats landed on me, and seemed to smile into my little nose and face.

Today, A few years later I am visiting the zoo again this time I have managed to sneak off alone and tag a ride in a zoo keepers trolley! I am going to place myself on one of the park benches and hope that a very special person will pick me up! I would really love to see those bats again, if you can take me there first before going home for tea that would be fantastic, you can even photograph me with them, that would be fun!

I hope you will enjoy looking after me and send me on another great adventure like my brother. I very much look forward to being with you.

I would really feel cherished if you care for me for a couple of days or so. Keep me in a safe, dry and warm place and take some photographs of me. I will be so, so happy and my adventure will continue…

Please tell others about my time with you by completing this form. Remember to upload an image or two of me.

Lots of love Arabella Cinderella xxxx

Arabella Cinderella

Arabella Cinderella

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