My name is Bluebird  Whoppit, I am from a family of quite famous bears!

My brothers and sisters were originally made in the 1950’s by the toy maker Merrythought. There were lots of us made but none made so famous as my cousin Mr. Whoppit who had quite an incredible life story!

Whoppit belonged to a Gentleman called Donald Campbell who had many, many cars and boats. He dreamt of braking world speed records on both land and water, and indeed spent most of his time doing just this.

Whoppit travelled with Donald on all of his record breaking attempts in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. All of Donalds cars and boats were named ‘Bluebird’ and Whoppit had a little Bluebird badge sewn to his jacket as he was the official mascot.

One day in 1967 Donald attempted to break the water speed record in a place called ‘Coniston Water’ in the Lake District. Mr. Whoppit was accompanying him in the cockpit as usual, but this time disaster struck….the Bluebird somersaulted and capsized at 300 mph. “She’s tramping… the water’s not good… I can’t see much… I’m going… I’m on my back… I’m gone.” These were Campbell’s last words over the radio, before he and his mascot overturned with the Bluebird and plunged deep into the waters of the lake.

Campbell’s body was never found, but during the search, rescuers found Mr. Whoppit, drenched but relatively unharmed, floating on the surface of the lake. Mr Whoppit was rescued and given to Donalds daughter Gina, but his days as ‘The worlds fastest teddy’  were not over yet! Gina was to continue the record breaking tradition set by her father and grandfather, with Mr. Whoppit once again taking his position as mascot in the cockpit.

Fate seemed to repeat itself when during one of Gina’s water speed attempts, her Bluebird also capsized at 122 mph. Fortunately both she and Mr. Whoppit escaped uninjured and eventually they both retired for a more sedate lifestyle!

So you see I am from a family of distant relatives of some very important Bears. I hope you will give me an exciting life too! So if you have found me please tell your tale of what I’ve been up to with you. You can do that here.

Mr Whoppit

Mr Whoppit

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