Braxton Everest

Braxton Everest

I am Braxton Everest Bear. I have been on many exciting journeys already in the 6 years since I was made and bought by my owner Lottie Brydon. Lottie was actually in her late 70’s when she purchased me from a little store in a quaint old town in Louisiana in America. She was you might think far too old to have teddies, however this little old lady had a passion for Teddy bears! She had small ones. button nose ones, grey ones, expensive ones, broken ones, hairy ones, gruff ones, smelly ones and then….me!

I am quite a small, cuddly but hairy bear, with a very mischievous streak in me that often gets me into the most unusual and dangerous situations. On one adventure I arrived in England in 1984 with Lottie via a American Airlines plane into Heathrow. “Bearing” in mind I had just travelled across the Atlantic for eight hours stuffed into the corner of a suitcase i was really itching to go! As lottie pushed her trolley brimming full of suitcases through the arrivals hall-one of the suitcases, with me in, fell off and onto the shiny marble floor. Lottie didnt notice and I fell with quite a bump!

This jolt caused my very case to open slightly and i fell out and speed across the floor ,right up to the feet of a tall gruff looking man in uniform. Looks can be deceiving however, and he stooped down and picked me up. Looking at me intently, he then stuffed me into his laptop bag in his office. I shook all over i was hungry, thirsty and needed a big hug. After what seemed like hours and hours of bumping around, the case was opened and a little girl trust me out onto her bed in a big house that smelt of freshly baked cakes. She gave me a big hug that immediately made me feel so much better.

My tag said my name, although not my address, so Saskia as she was called designed a new tag saying “Braxton Everest” and her address so I would never be lost again. I sat in Saskia’s bedroom on her shelf for many years until she herself became 21 years of age! Now I am off again, she has given me to her sister Tolly Dolly Posh who is sending me on an adventure that you must continue…..

Take good care of me. Keep me for a few days or weeks and keep a record of what we get upto. It would be great if you could send home some photos to my home. You can do that here by completing this form.

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