Hello! Welcome to my world!

My name is Bruce Bramble and I am the older brother of Edward Bramble, one of the bears here. His life is completely different from mine as I am very musically talented. I used to be a Symbol player, all kitted out with my instrument and my little jacket holding my music. It was great fun…I played at my brother’s school concerts and I played to my owner all the time! Unfortunately, my owner left me at a concert once, tucked behind the curtains. I was discarded the next morning, with no kit, nothing. I watched the next night’s performance from the window, watching little Tommy – my owner – play his trumpet. Playing in the concerts was much fun, but in the end I became nothing. Just an old bear sitting on a window sill.

I still long to find my younger brother and also my dearest Tommy. Please, all of you in the office of CCJS and of course Mr Bryan help me find my way back to my musical dreams!

I hope you will give me an exciting life! So if you have found me please tell your tale of what I’ve been up to with you. You can do that here.


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