Hi, my name is Byron Mackenzie and I am very excited to tell you my tale of 2008.

Byron Mackenzie

Byron Mackenzie

Okay, well. It started on the 19th August, I was very excited to be seeing Michael Jackson live at the Staples Centre in LA! I arrived at they gates at 8.00pm and passed my stickers over to the security man. He looked down at me and gave me a very strange look. Haven’t you ever seen a young bear like myself go to a concert? Well, anyway. When I got the seats I sat down, and felt rather hungry. So I wandered around for half an hour looking for some food, when I came across the Hot Dog stall, finally!

I payed for my food and then went back to my seat. Few. It had just started, the lights went low, the stage glistened, and out came, MICHAEL JACKSON! ‘YOU ROCK!’, the crowd was roaring with screams and whistles. Everybody stood up as the music started. The opening song was Beat It! I stood up and carefully stepped onto the tip of my chair. The whole Arena was glowing with power, flashes and glow sticks. After and hour and a half of brilliant music it was the interval.

I got up and couldn’t find my way, because all the people were standing up and leaving their seats. I must of walked around the whole Staples Centre, looking for an exit. Oops! I had found an entrance instead. It wasn’t any entrance, it was the entrance to the stage! I walked carefully and silently around the edges of the staging and stopped outside of the dressing room. I peeped my head around the door and looked in. It was Michael Jackson getting changed! He was putting on his sparkly gloves and his hat. He looked amazing!

After having an accidental tour, I couldn’t find my way out. I was lost. ‘AND NOW, MICHAEL JACKSON WILL RETURN TO THE STAGE!’ said a big voice on a speaker. I ran somewhere where nobody would find me, I looked around and saw that I was on the edge of stage behind the curtains! I leaned in and slipped. I was on stage and trying to dance with the one and only MJ! I had to get off before I was trodden on, but it was to late I was squashed! I was rushed straight to the Bear Hospital and now I’m just like this. I still have a plaster on my saw paw, because I was squashed by a high heel!

Now that you know of my exhilarating story, I would love it if you could look after me and take me to some wonderful places! I do love a warm and family like area and I would love a nice drink. I am an American teddy and I do love those Hot Dogs once in a while! So please look after me!

Lots of Love,


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