My name is Carrie Oakey. I am a very exciting and fun loving Bear, who just longs for attention and stardom, and most of all to sing!

I once belonged to a lady named Mrs Constance A Noring, who lived in the Montpellier area of Cheltenham. She had eight children and fourteen cats. Her house,( or rather mansion )was always full of laughter, shouting and of course meowing ( with a little growling) thrown in for good measure!

Here I would sing to my heart’s content to all the music that was played in the house.

I was loved and cuddled by all the eight children, although often accidently left at playgrounds or shops, cafes and restaurants on their trips out. Fortunately, Constance always found me, sometimes rather wet and cold, but she always gave me a bath and some delicious food when I returned, and I would sing again and again.

One very sad, gloomy winter’s day a few years later when all the children were much, much older, Constance had a good clear out of her enormous Attic. I had been pushed to the very back amongst the cobwebs and old crockery, cat boxes and dolls houses, in a box labelled” old Bears”. As she sorted she came across the box and exclaimed ”that it was time for me to go!”

I was quite quickly taken to a charity shop called” Eaton Wright and Libby good” this was the poshest type of charity shop you could ever get and I was sat proudly and magnificently on the window seat priced, £15.00 !

I was always a rather naughty bear and left to my own devices, would try to find a way to escape and go on a adventure of my own. One morning  Libby the owner of the shop unlocked the impressive wooden door at the grand entrance, I took a leap and plunged down into a passing shopping trolley on wheels. At last I was free!

Tolly Dolly Posh was walking by at the time and saw me hanging from the corner of the trolley. She walked behind until she saw me jump out onto the pavement below ,then she grabbed me and took me home to her family. Being a singer herself, she spent many long happy hours listening and recording songs together.

Carrie Oakey is now on her way to Little Angels Day Nursery.

I hope you will take me somewhere really exciting and photograph me and then give me to someone else so my journey can continue. Only pass me on to someone you trust.

Please tell others about my time with you by completing this form. Remember to upload an image or two of me.

Carrey Oakey

Carrey Oakey

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