My name is Guiseppe Armando. I am a Bear with a great personality and sense of humour and already much travelled in Europe. I began life in a small Italian village in the foothills of Vesuvius to a large family of passionate Italians with the name of Agosto.

Christiano Agosto was my owner a sweet boy with long blonde hair and a massive football fan of 8 years. He loved and cared for me and I have been to many a Italian football match with him and his father Ettore, who incedently had a huge twirly moustache!

My name is infact Italian and comes from a Captain onboard one of the huge Cruise ships that sail  from Geneo in Italy.

My family absolutely have a mad passion for cruising and in April 2010 we all boarded  a Ship in Naples for a journey of a lifetime.

Christiano loved me so very much,and I went everywhere with him, but unfortunately he was always rather clumsy with my safety as his great love was always football. On this one exciting day we were shown to our cabin. Christiano took me out onto the balcony to show me the waves ,as we left Port .However, oh no… he lent me too far over the side and whoops I fell down, down  and into one of the many Lifeboats on the deck below!   Here I lay quietly asleep, a little bruised and rather scared until we docked at Southampton .I didn’t have anything to eat or drink on the journey as the sea was rough and I felt a little sea sick on the way!

In Southampton, I was found by a Cabin boy who really could not work out where I had come from and who was my owner. He spoke little English and not knowing where to take me he popped me in a nearby bin!

Here I was found by Tolly Dolly Posh who was walking by with her mummy. She gave me a good bath, massive cuddle! Tolly knew I loved the sea and so is hoping that I will have many new adventures and maybe afterwards join the Merchant Navy on one of their many trips away.

I hope you will give me an exciting life too! So if you have found me please tell your tale of what I’ve been up to with you. You can do that here.

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