My name is Lucy Cavendish and I originate from Cambridge. I am named after one of the colleges of the University. I am on an adventure!

My owner sadly took me to a charity shop to be adopted after she finished her Degree Course in June 2010. I sat in the window all forlorn and very sad. Some days I managed to wave at people walking by, and at night, I managed to jump down from the high window sill and play with a friend I had made. Gund as he was named was a’ Potato head character’ that was also sadly delivered to the shop as his owner had no more use for him.

He was really in a bad shape as he had lost his potato body and now lay in pieces in a small shoebox on the floor. Both of us loved to explore the shop during the night and it was so exciting to dress Gund with a new body and then we laughed and laughed, so loudly that we were rather worried someone might hear us!

One day, just as I was getting ready to spend another day in the window, an old lady came into the shop and took me down from my shelf. She paid 20p for me and stuffed me into her wicker basket amongst her bread and milk!

The next few days were a whirl as I travelled in a very bumpy old Morris Minor all the way to the beautiful town of Cheltenham. The old lady’s name was Rosemary Volpp and I discovered she was 90 years old and came from Germany.

Rosemary continued to carry me in her basket until one day I managed to make my escape for freedom by leaping out of the basket. I was then so lucky to be found by a young girl called Tolly Dolly Posh who discovered me lying in the street in Montpellier. She washed me, blew dry my hair and really gave me some fabulous cuddles! Then she left me back where she found me so that I could continue on my journey.

I would really feel cherished if you could take care for me for a couple of days or so. Keep me in a safe, dry and warm place and take some photographs of me having an adventure with you. I will be so, so happy and my adventure will continue…

Please tell others about my time with you by completing this form. Remember to upload some images of me so my story can continue.

You can come up with your very own Cheltenham ADVENTURE!

Remember I cannot stay with you for long so make the most of me before you send me on your way!!xxxxx

Lucy Cavendish

Lucy Cavendish

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