My name is Michigan Braxton Bear.

I am from New England. My owner was a boy called “Mickey” who lived in a beautiful area of Vermont, where the summers are hot, the autumns a beautiful sight of coloured leaves and the winters cold and snowy and fun!

Mickey was 5 when I was given to him as a present from his grandpa Douglas. I was named after Mickey and his great-great grandpa who worked as a logger for the Company Braxton, in the huge expanses of forest in this area of Vermont.

Mickey had many British friends who visiting the country each year from London, to enjoy the snow and ski the mountains, have snowball fights and meet up with old friends. He had a very special friend called Charles also aged 5 who would stay with Mickey and me, and we had such fun together for many years.

One such winter a couple of years ago, when both Mickey and Charles were in their early twenties, they both decided to go on an adventure to Europe. I was taken along in Mickey’s Backpack as a sort of good luck mascot, so travelled to many countries peeping out of a small tear in the bag he carried on his back.

I saw such wondrous sights, the Eiffel Tower in France, the leaning Tower in Pisa, Venice and its Gondolas, and Mount Etna in Sicily too.

My journey with both guys unfortunately came to a rather quick but sad end on one such trip. On climbing Mount Etna, the weather turned fiercely cold and bitter snow swept the mountain, so neither guy could see one hand in front of them. Mickey wanted to take photos as near as he could to the crater of the Volcano; however the path ahead lay treacherously slippery. Taking the backpack off his back-with me in it! He lay it on the dark, sticky ash and stepped forward to take the photo. Alas, at that moment a huge gust of wind lifted me and the bag into the air and I fell out as the straps were not securely done up. I lay dazed and cold on the treacherous landscape, growling as loudly as my bear voice would allow me.

In the distance I saw a lady; she was looking towards me and calling to her husband. He came over and managed to pluck me from the ground. I was grateful but  so cold  that I fell into a deep sleep.

The next I knew I was in a beautiful house wrapped in a warm blanket, and being cared for by the sweetest, most beautiful girl I had ever seen, her name was Tolly Dolly Posh, and so here I am now with you!

Tolly now wants you to take me on another adventure and share the magical experiences you too may have with me…

hope you will give me an exciting life too! So if you have found me please tell your tale of what I’ve been up to with you. You can do that here.

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