My name is Porcia Mia-Alise Bear and I was born and bred on the Isle of Wight.

I like to be called Mia for short. I come from a family of very well-bred bears.

My story is really magical. I belonged to a little girl named Porcia. Many years ago not long after my 2nd birthday, her family were decorating their new home named Noah’s Ark on the Island. Whilst the house was in a huge muddle with decorating and painting and moving furniture and  mending the old floorboards, I decided to take a walk!

Oh dear! As I jumped up the wooden stairs and along the wooden floor boards, I missed a hole where one of the boards was up, and whoops down I fell with a huge bump!

Whilst I was lying rather dazed   in a crumply heap, as I lay there  I began to  hear voices above me then banging and sawing. Oh dear to my upmost dismay  I saw the floor board being popped into place and with a creak and the turn of some screws I was well and truly trapped.

I growled and growled but nobody heard me. Luckily as I am a teddy bear I have magical properties and am able to hibernate rather like a squirrel. I could go to sleep safely and cosily for a long time without any food or water.

A few years later Tolly Dolly Posh and her family moved into this lovely old house. One day Tolly was playing upstairs in her bedroom when she dropped a button of  her cardigan down between the floor boards where I lay fast asleep. I felt a slight tap as the button fell onto my forehead and it woke me with a start.

Tolly then peered down through the crack in the floor looking for the button, my eyes are very shiny almost like buttons too, and so showed up in the darkness. Tolly screamed with excitement and called for her mummy

“Mummy, Mummy there is a teddy down the hole under my floor”

Both Tolly and her mummy both looked in amazement and wonder. Then went to find a screw driver to undo the floor board. Luckily it came away quite easily and with screams of excitement from both Tolly and her mummy and a growl of happiness from me I was found! I now had a new owner to care and look after me!

Tolly is now 10 as you know and has decided that I should go on a bear adventure of my own, and hopefully travel the world!

I hope you will take me somewhere really exciting and photograph me and then give me to someone else so my journey can continue.

Please tell others about my time with you by completing this form. Remember to upload an image or two of me.

Good luck and all my love Mia xxxxxxxxxxx

Porcia Mia ELise

Porcia Mia ELise

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