My name is Professor Basket, I am one of the oldest bears of my family. Now you’re probably thinking why am I called what I am? Well, I didn’t invent the basket, but when my old owner found me at a run down car boot sale with my family, we were all in an old wicker basket. In that day and age I wore a pair of rusty crumpled spectacles and a small white coat, so that’s how I got my name Professor.

Now the reason why I’m here is because my friend, Tolly Dolly Posh, knows somebody suffering from Leukaemia and she is raising money along with her school to do a Yr 6 Talent Show! All the money is going to a charity called ClicSargent, they hope to make a DVD to sell and get parents and families watching! ClicSargent is a great foundation and it really needs help. Information about CLIC Sargent.

As I travel the world I hope to be able to encourage people who care for me to show some care to others by donating to this worthy cause. So if you could donate some money to ClicSargent it will helpĀ all the people suffering from Leukaemia, so please do. It would the best thing ever and to have it along with Tolly Dolly Posh’s charity cause Plan please help.

With all of the Basket family and along with Tolly Dolly Posh.

Kind regards,

Professor Basket.

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