My name is Rupert  Garside. My life has been one big adventure so far. I was bought for Christmas in 2003 for a little boy named Jacob. Jacob lived in a tiny village in Cornwall called Mousehole. This village is right on the sea and the prettiest place you ever did see. On a summers day you can sit in the window seat of our cottage and stare out to sea and imagine all the adventures of the ships and boats that pass by. There were lots of other teddy bears in the village, but i was the most adventurous and i like to think the most handsome too!

Jacob was 8 when i was given to him, he had longed for a new teddybear since losing his own the year before, when he dropped out of the car door quite by accident at a car boot sale.  Jacob was so careful with me after the last teddy and i became his very special companion. Jacob’s father was a fisherman who got up everyday really earlier to take his blue and white fishing boat out of the harbour and into the open sea to catch lobsters for the local fishmongers and restaurants in the village. Jacob often went with his dad on these journeys that were both exciting and sometimes quite scary too! Jacob would sit and help drop the lobster pots down over the side of the swaying boat. I would sit on the side next to him and watch as the lobsters were later lifted out of the water wriggling and nipping as they came out the deep water. Jacob would always scream with excitement as the lobsters they struggled and often leap from his seat. On this one hot summers day at this particular moment I slid out of my seat as the net came out of the water and over the side, with a whoosh of a huge wave I was gone far away from the boat and bobbing away into the distant foam  of the blue waves.

I awoke lying on a sandy beach, feeling slightly cold and wet, but the sun shone brightly  i was soon dry although a little salty! A girl was hovering over me calling loudly ”look mummy, look!” It was Tolly Dolly Posh, she had found me! She could see my name as I still had my ribbon and tag around my neck, which had been protected from the sea. “look mummy this is Rupert” she cried in excitement and ran up the beach with me.She soon had me washed and drying and smelling of a lovely clean washing conditioner smell. I felt sad that i was parted from Jacob, but was so happy and excited to have been found and i knew i was about to embark on a new adventure with this new happy girl.

So here I am, Tolly has sent me to you to continue the tale……Please tell others about my time with you by completing this form. Remember to upload an image or two of me.

Rupert Garside

Rupert Garside

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