My name is Smokey

I am named after a Bear relative that lived in the town of Capitan in New Mexico. I was a real bear living in a real forest that had a huge forest fire. My life started in 1944 when the United States Fire Service wanted to use a symbol to show forest fire safety.  At first I was used as a fictional character on all posters etc.  showing me pouring water on campfires in the parks.

Then in the Spring of 1950, the US Fire Brigade were battling a huge forest fire that took several days to put out. When finally the flames were down and the ashes were cooled the fire fighters made a startling discovery, they found a young bear cub clinging to a burnt tree!

The little bear’s paws had been sadly badly burnt and the fire fighters did not really know what to do, but a rancher that had helped put out the fire took the bear home with him and he was put on a plane to a specialist who was able to treat his burns.

Later he was was returned to the ranchers family to be cared for. News soon spread about the sad story and caught the imagination of the nation as people were anxious to hear of how he was.

Smokey was eventually given to the National Zoo in Washington DC where he lived for a further 26 years as the living symbol of Smokey.

He was very famous and after his death was taken back to the forest park where he was  buried and a memorial built for his memory. The park was renamed the Smokey Bear Historical Park and can be visited today.

Today Smokey Bear is known all over the World, many stores sell Smokey bears and t-shirts etc.

I hope you will enjoy looking after me and send me on another great adventure like my brother. I very much look forward to being with you.

I would really feel cherished if you care for me for a couple of days or so. Keep me in a safe, dry and warm place and take some photographs of me. I will be so, so happy and my adventure will continue…

Please tell others about my time with you by completing this form. Remember to upload an image or two of me.



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