Welcome to my world! I am the big bear, Sniffles! I love having new owners like you! But beware! I know if there is trouble brewing… as I am a Sniffer Bear.  I was named the best ‘Sniffer Bear’ in the country last year. I work for the London Police. I look quite cuddly, but I have a strong side. Here is one of my adventures of catching a robber!

It was 13th April 2008 and me and the crew were watching a CCTV tape of the night before. Two men had secretly got into a hardware and garden warehouse, and they had stolen 250 different types of tools and took all the money out of the tills. We went straight down to the scene and took up any information. I went round the store looking for any suspicious smells with Roger 1122. (The head ‘laugh a-lot’ police man.) When we got to the very last section I smelt something rotten, I smelt something disgusting, I smelt something so bad I couldn’t even go close to it. Then in the corner of my eye I saw a body lying on the floor.

With my paws on my nose, I went to the body and Roger found some evidence. ‘It’s a burger-lar. Ha Ha Ha! Get it burger-lar?’ Roger is the worst joker ever. One of burglars had got killed by a heavy load of soil. That was the strong smell. It had split right on top of him and had covered most of the body.

I remember standing there next to Roger. I especially remember the joke. We found the other robbers house and he was sent to jail the next day. I love being a Sniffer Bear, especially being ‘The Country’s Best Sniffer Bear!’


Now I am on the hunt for more exciting adventures. Of course I’ll need some help along the way but I’m sure that if I meet the right people they will assist me. If you are one such person then thank you so much. Take good care of me. Keep me for a few days or weeks and keep a record of what we get upto. It would be great if you could send some photos to my home. You can do that here by completing this form.

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