My name is, I am a small teddy bear with a big heart and ready for  adventure. I was bought at a small village sale in the 1990’s and my buyer Josie Small lived on the Island of Sark .Sark is only 20miles from France and the smallest of the Channel Islands. I lived in a tiny cottage at the most remote corner of the Island ,where I would travel snuggled up in a blanket in the front basket of Josie’s bike as she pedalled the tiny lanes to school and back everyday. The view as I peeped out of the basket was always so beautiful, the sparkling blue of the sea, the seagulls swooping low to catch fish, the horse and carts clip-clopping by,and Josie who would cycle in her blue and yellow blazer and navy start-right shoes, usually singing at the top of her voice to be heard above the crashing of the waves onto the rocks below. One such day as I was tucked into my basket as usual, Josie was distracted by her friend Pippa who was calling to her from the nearby house. As Josie called back she didnt tuck me in quite well enough and I tumbled out onto the dusty track. Josie who was too interested in what Pippa had to show her, peddled off leaving me behind! I summoned up the biggest growl I could but it was in vain,she had gone! I sat really sadly on the lane, until a man with a horse and came rushing by, he drew to a halt and the horse neighed. He picked me up brushed the dust off and smiled from ear to ear. He loved Teddies and had already thought of giving me to his grandchild who lived in London, England. So my adventure began I travelled by ferry to Portsmouth, where I was bundled into a small Mini Car and driven to Piccadilly in London. On arrival I was very scared with the immense noise of the traffic that I was not used to. I was given to a little girl named Sienna who loved me for about  a year. I did get to love London and all the excitment and adventure, but after a year was put in another sale to be sold to a new owner. Well here I am Tolly Dolly Posh has me now and is putting me out for my next adventure with you….

Take good care of me. Keep me for a few days or weeks and keep a record of what we get upto. It would be great if you could send home some photos to my home. You can do that here by completing this form.

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