Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Found : adrfit at sea on a piece of timber flotsam

Whilst on patrol in my boat in the Solent,I found this teddy on a piece of floating timber. He was very cold and wet. So I wrapped him up and he told me that his name was Guiseppe Armando. He could remember little of how he came to be lost at sea, but he was sure he was on a voyage to somewhere…but knew not where.So I took him home with me for the night. He devoured a large steaming mug of cocoa along with two huge home made muffins. Whereupon, he yawned and said ” I am really very sleepy now”. So I lined and box with a soft towel and tucked him in for the night. In the morning ….. he had gone. How he left or to where, I cannot tell. Davie Flannagan, Harbour Master,
Newtown National Nature Reserve.

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Sniffles is back on the trail of some interesting adventures. Watch ou for this cuddliest of all bears. He may be just around the corner from you o if you keeop your eyes open and your ears clean you might be able to track him down. If you do then remember to let us know what he’ been upto.

Have you seen Edward Bramble? He’s missing and we don’t know where he’s been recently. If you do know where he is please let us know as soon as possible.

Many thanks. The Bear Care team.

Gingerbread has left home and is on her way to find a delicious cake shop. She is desperately missing her cooking lessons with Mr Potter and the making of new recipes. So keep your eyes peeled for her in town. You just might spot a ginger coloured bear somewhere nearby.

We hav heard that Fin McGuiness is on his way back to school. We’re not sure whether this is to learn, to teach or make new friends. Perhaps it will be all three? Anyway we are waiting for more news and look forward to hearing exactly where Fin gets to.

It is with much regret that we wish to inform the Going on a Bear Hunt community that Theodore has been lost to the world.

Theodore was the first bear to leave us and sadly we have heard nothing if him since. We will be arranging a press conference shortly to appeal to the good people of Cheltenham for any news of where he might be.

Bear Master.

Miguel has packed his travel bag along with essential supplies for the long trek to Mallorca. Tonight he hopes to met the Drifters who are playing at the Town Hall in Cheltenham. With any luck Miguel will get to meet one of the group and they just might be able to help him on his way. We’ll see.

Good luck Miguel.

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Westminster, Colorado

“Guess what Lucy! We have tickets to a rock n’ roll concert tonight, and you’re coming with us!”
Lucy was beyond excited! Ever since she came to America, she had secretly hoped someone would take her to a rock concert! “Who are we going to go see?”
“Here’s a hint: he’s one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time!”
Well, Lucy immediately knew exactly who they were going to see. “Are you telling me Slash is in town!? What luck!”

Being a rock n’ roll bear at heart, Lucy had always been a big fan of Slash, who was the famous guitarist from the American band Guns N’ Roses. Even though Guns N’ Roses was most popular in the mid 1980s to early 1990s, Lucy was very familiar with their songs because they are still played on the radio back home. Their album “Appetite for Destruction” from 1987 still holds the record as the best-selling debut album of all time in the whole world (that’s a name Lucy can also relate to because, as a bear, she often has an “appetite for destruction”). And just like her, Slash is British; he was born in Hampstead and raised in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire until he was 11 when he moved “across the pond”. Lucy loves to see Brits going out and conquering the world!

Lucy donned her black T shirt, (“Very rock n’ roll!” said her friends), and hopped in the car for the quick drive to the Ogden Theater in Denver. Lucy and her companions got a good spot on the dance floor, and Lucy roared loudly when the stage lights came up and she got her first glimpse of Slash (in his famous top hat)! She wanted to get a picture with Slash, but alas, she was a little too short, and he is only sort-of visible in the background of the picture (if you know where to look)… but that’s good enough for Lucy!
Lucy and her friends danced and partied into the night, singing along to all of the songs, including her favorite “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. But sadly, all good things must come to an end, and as Slash and his band took their bow after the encore, Lucy exclaimed “That was so much fun – I didn’t want it to ever end!”

Lucy and her friends headed home, their ears ringing from the loud music. Lucy said “temporary hearing loss is the price you pay for the true rock n’ roll experience, although next time I will definitely remember to bring ear plugs”!

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Westminster, Colorado

Lucy woke up one beautiful morning and said to her caretakers “I have seen the Rocky Mountains in the distance on the drive from Wyoming. Is there a road we can drive on that can take us even closer to the mountains?”
Her caretakers said “Sure! But you should have the true Colorado mountain experience, which is not in a car.”
An hour later, Lucy and her travel companions arrived in St. Vrain State Park near Lyons, Colorado. Lucy said “Lyons, bear, oh my – the tiger is missing!” which made her companions laugh. Lucy then noticed a tall rocky peak. “What a beautiful spire!” Lucy exclaimed.
“That’s called Spire Rock,” said her companions. “And it will be even more beautiful from the top!”
“But, I don’t see a trail…” Lucy said, confused.
“That’s because we are going to CLIMB it!”
Lucy could hardly believe her ears. Rock climbing was one of the adventures she had hoped to experience in Colorado!
To reach Spire Rock, they had to cross St. Vrain Creek, and Lucy was thankful that bears are good swimmers, because the creek was deep in spots! Once they all got across safely, she took a rest on some rocks to dry off in the sun. After a short hike through the woods, they finally made it to the bottom of Spire Rock, where Lucy sat patiently and watched her companions get into their climbing gear. Lucy was impressed at how easily they formed loops and knots with their ropes, and how they knew exactly where to attach their clips they called carabiners, but she started to become nervous and worried that her paws would not be able to make secure knots. Her fear soon disappeared as her companions said “Don’t worry Lucy – we’re here for you!” while they expertly helped her into her climbing gear.
Lucy’s companions held her rope as she started up the side of the rock. At first, she felt awkward and nervous, but she soon got the hang of it – literally! “Look, no paws! Which means ‘no hands’ to you!” she called down to her climbing companions, who cheered her bravery. She took a moment to enjoy the panoramic view of the evergreen trees and rocky cliffs that surrounded her, with the majestic mountains in the distance. It was very quiet and calm, and Lucy thought it was one of the most peaceful experiences she’d ever had. But it only made her more excited to make it to the top, and after a short time of more climbing, she was there! She couldn’t believe it – they were so high up! The highway they drove on to get there looked like a squiggle among the trees, and their car looked like a tiny beetle! Lucy exclaimed “Colorado is amazing! And I love rock climbing! Can we do it again tomorrow?”

Where Did You Find or Leave Bear?: Arrived in the post!

Theodore spent the weekend with myself and hundreds of other downhill mountain bike enthusiasts at the Caersws Cup English Downhill Championships in Wales.

Theodore had an adrenaline fuelled weekend, doing over 20 runs of high speed downhill and uplifting with me.

I put in a good time first run, but knew I needed to knock some time off to win my category, so I consulted Theodore for some race line advice. Second run I smashed it, and I was delighted to take the English Champion Title in the Expert Category.

See some photo’s of Theodore sat on my 2010 Commencal Supreme DH Race Bike below.

I would like to thank my sponsors of which helped me through the weekend:

Scouttingforparts & Goingonabearhunt.


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